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Essay Series


G Taylor & A Bradstock

ISBN 978 1 85944 220 3           £15


1. Plato
2. Aristotle
3. Augustine of Hippo
4. Thomas Aquinas
5. Machiavelli
6. Thomas More
7. John Calvin
8. Robert Filmer
9. Thomas Hobbes
10. The Levellers
11. Gerard Winstanley
12. John Locke
13. Jean Jacques Rousseau
14. Edmund Burke
15. Adam Smith
16. Thomas Paine
17. William Godwin
18. Mary Wollstonecraft
19. John Stuart Mill
20. Karl Marx
21. Michael Bakunin
22. Conclusion 

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David Loades

Available May 2019
ISBN 978 1 85944 260 9      (Only available as a loose leaf file)   £15 plus £2 for a pdf


1. The Italian genesis of the Renaissance: distinctiveness of the Northern Movement
2. The German humanists and the development of printing
3. The transition from late Gothic to renaissance art in Germany: Altdorfer, Cranach, Grünewald
4. The Biblical humanists: Erasmus, Colet, Melanchthon
5. Albrecht Dürer; art, piety and reform
6. Spiritual extremism & individuality in The Netherlands; painting from Van Eyck to Bruegel
7. Courtly pageantry and spectacle: Italian & Burgundian models.
8. The Court Painter: Hans Holbein and his circle
9. Renaissance education; the theory and the practice
10. The architecture of the Northern Renaissance: military, public and vernacular
11. Mannerism: the international art style of the late sixteenth century
12. Renaissance science in Northern Europe – a false start?
13. Politics, trade and culture in The Netherlands, 1560-1660
14. Dutch & Flemish painting: Rubens, Hals, Rembrandt.
15. The culture of the court of Elizabeth
16. The Renaissance sense of History and the Historians
17. The Court of Charles I elegance and detachment
18. The expanding world: cartography & exploration from England & The Netherlands
19. Protestant Political thought: law & resistance
20. The achievement of the Northern Renaissance & its contribution to later history

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