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Lloyd George and the Lost Peace

From Versailles to Hitler, 1919-1940
Tony Lentin

ISBN 978-1-85944-285 2          Paperback     £5

Bonhoeffer front cover

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Ethics
Harold Lockley

ISBN 978 1 85944 009 4               £5

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was writing some seventy years ago when Germany was the victim of an evil and alien regime. His Ethics reflects his life as a Lutheran pastor, theologian, ecumenist, resistance leader and conspirator. As Harold Lockley points out, these were activities which eventually resulted in his death on the scaffold. The Ethics was begun in 1939 and his arrest some four years later prevented its completion. The political agony of Germany is central to the work Everything established is threatened with annihilation. This is not a crisis among other crises. It is a decisive struggle of the last days... For Bonhoeffer the political situation under the Nazi party was one in which ethical and moral attitudes were of paramount importance and he regretted that so few of his contemporaries showed any taste for ethics when the need was so clearly present. Bonhoeffer lived as he believed and his approach was to throw himself into the thick of the troubles and by thought and example try to re-shape the tragedy that was Germany.

Harold Lockley's research on Bonhoeffer was very largely carried out at Emmanuel College Cambridge,UK. Through his marriage into the Bonhoeffer family the author had an important opportunity to discuss and reflect and this distinguished book is the fruit of his study.

The front cover of The Tudor Navy by David Loades

The Tudor Navy

David Loades

ISBN 0-85967-922-5         Hardback     £5

Out of print but some copies still available.

Cover of The Tudor Court by David Loades

The Tudor Court

David Loades
Professor Emeritus, University of Wales
Member of the History Faculty, University of Oxford

ISBN 978-1-85944-013-1      3rd edition 2003      Paperback £10

First published by Batsford in 1986 this book went through two revised editions with Headstart History and the Davenant Press.

In looking at the court we see themes of perpetual conflict between the need for magnificence and the danger of runaway costs.. demands of patronage and access on the one hand and the need for control and security on the other. The Tudor monarchy was more institutionalised than most…but remained a personal monarchy in the flamboyant renaissance mode … the court remained the epicenter of politics, fashion and fortune….the centre of government and policy making.

(Illustration by kind permission of The National Archives, Kew)

Word and Worship front cover

Word and Worship

Edited by
David Loades
Preface by
Gerald Bonner

ISBN 978 1 85944 237 1               £5


Preface: Gerald Bonner: Dedication to Margot Johnson
Introduction: David Loades: The English Reformation

Part I: The English Bible

S.A.J Bradley: The Great Duty: Anglo-Saxon poetic mediation of the Scriptures
David Loades: Thomas Cranmer and the Great Bible
David Loades: The Bible Established, 1558-1620
Gordon Jackson: Second Thoughts: Revising the translation of Early English Printed Bibles, 1525-2540

Part II: The Prayer Book

Alan Bartlett: How protestant was Cranmer's 1552 Prayer Book?
David Loades: The revision of the Prayer Book in 1552
Bridget Nichols: Intolerable Burdens: the anxiety of influence & the Prayer Book tradition
J.R. Watson : George Herbert: rhetoric and the Book of Common Prayer

Part III: The Durham Connection

James Thompson: Durham College: the aborted Protestant seminary
Jane Freeman: The Parochial Ministry in the Diocese of Durham in the early seventeenth century
H.J. Smith: "The Rough Hewers": the preaching ministry of Richard Rothwell and Anthony Lapthorne in County Durham
P.G. Stanwood: Lives of Devotion: the Correspondence of Isaac Basire and Frances Corbett, 1635-1660 Simon Anderson: Excessive Music: a discussion of music inspired by the ideas of John Cosin both at Durham cathedral and at Peterhouse, Cambridge


Brian Spinks: The Westminster Confession: the "bastard child" of the Church of England

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